Unleash Your Creativity


Paint and Create Like a Pro:

Master the Basics of Painting and Create Stunning Work in Your Unique Style

   Unleash your creativity as I take you through the basics and fundamentals of painting step by step. 

I share so many valuable lessons and techniques such as color mixing, blending, layering, how to apply various textures, creating strong contrast and using all kinds of different supplies and materials such as fluid acrylics, inks and foils. 


 I've helped thousands of artists, students and hobbyists unleash their creativity!  I want to help you do the same! 




Learn How to Create Contrast and Blending Techniques

  • How to set up your palette and work space

  • Create varying shades of any color and

  • Create two contrast and blending charts 

  • How to turn 1 -dimensional flat shapes into 2-dimensional paintings using simple techniques.

Learn How to Paint in Color using Layers and Blending

  •  Create three paintings in full color using layering and blending

  • we will use acrylic paints, inks, blending medium, foils and so much more!

Learn How to Use Texture in Your Paintings for Thick and Rich Effects and Finishes


  • Explore textures,  mediums and other found objects to create rich, thick and visually interesting paintings

Paint and Create Like a Pro


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